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Face Aesthetics

Lip Aesthetics

The relation of the lip with the nose and the jaw, the place in the proportional settlement of the face, and even the relationship between the lower lip and the upper body should be examined carefully. The most confronted problems are the loss of fullness on the lips and the increase in the age-related wrinkles. In addition to these common problems, problems such as over-fullness on the lips, seeming longer than normal, and gums becoming visible when laughing disturb people.

Eye Contour Aesthetics

There are various structural changes in the eye area, such as aging and lifestyle. These changes may include sagging in eyelid skin, prominent eyelid pads in the eye area, collapsing, and different placement of the eye. The result is a tired, exhausted, unhappy and even older appearance than it is. It is essential to evaluate the eye contour as a whole.

Ear Aesthetic

The first problem that comes to mind when you think of the ear is the problem of prominent ear. It can be described as an angular problem in the relation of ear cartilages to each other and to the head. It is usually advisable to treat at 5-7 years when the ear cartilages complete the development. The aim is to pull the ear to its normal view and position. The enlargement or complete rupture of the earring hole can be eliminated with a short and under local anesthesia procedure.

Facial Shaping Aesthetics Treatment

Our face is the preliminary area that reflects our personality, which is the first evaluated by all of us. For this reason, it is important for us that our face lines look whether collapsed and tired, too chubby or sharp and irritating. Our forehead, nose, ears and accompanying cheeks, cheekbone area and chin exhibits a harmony. Facial shaping is essential to provide a harmony of cheekbone area, cheek area and chin area as well as other region aesthetics.

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