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Breast Surgery

Breast Enlargement Aesthetics

In females, the breast has acquired different meanings throughout the history, but always has a high level of importance. Today, the most important meaning is both an important feminine sign and a sexual organ. The fact that breast tissue is not at a satisfactory level is always uncomfortable, socially and spiritually impaired for a woman.

Aesthetic of Breast Lifting

There is some fall in the big breasts, but the actual reason of low breast is rather different. It often follows up when the breast masses increase and decrease, such as pregnancy and weight gain. Furthermore, skin quality depends on many factors such as, aging. The deterioration of the quality of the skin and the reduction in the quality of the suspensory ligament that carry the breast make this problem more important.

Breast Reduction Aesthetics

Breast reduction is not just an aesthetic process. For many women, large breasts indicate a serious problem. Pain in the waist, in the back, bra strap traces in the shoulder areas, etc. are the problems come at the top of them. Under the chest, especially in hot weather sweat, smell and rash for our women can reach the point of torment. In this manner, this is much more a health problem than asthethic.

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